“The essence of my work as a goldsmith is the importance of poetry in the story that lies in the materials together with the visual expression. The inherent story is as important as the outer mold.” Torben Hardenberg, 2012

Torben Hardenberg – born January 4th, 1949, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Trained as a goldsmith 1968 – 1972. Established own studio 1976.  Debut exhibition at The Designmuseum, 1978.  Hardenberg only does one of a kind peices of jewlery where each single detail is beeing made by him with a great mastering of the traditional craft.

The skilled and repeatedly honored Danish goldsmith Torben Hardenberg is a storyteller, first and foremost. His works are neo-baroque tales of wonder and amazement – incorporating organic features, gothic bling and symbols of power and death as reminders of beauty and humor in life. Mixing precious stones, gold and silver with second hand bijouterie, in a unique amalgam of the past and the present. His work engages our minds and enthralls our spirits.

Torben Hardenberg is constantly working with and on his craftsmanship. Always looking for new stories to tell, inspired by events such as the melting ice in Greenland, 9/11, the AIDS epidemic of the 80’s, as well as the unrivaled myths of the old Greek civilization. The works of Torben Hardenberg are represented in prestigious museums and collections all around the world – Paris, London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki and his native Copenhagen. His early work involved doing elaborate props for Danish theatre and international movies. Torben Hardenberg is now entering this creative loop from the other side: As inspiration for other Danish authors and artists, appearing as subject or artifact in contemporary literature.

The Danish Royal family – Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II, as well as her husband, The Prince Consort of Denmark, Henrik – have for years been faithfull collectors of Hardenberg’s work.

Torben Hardenberg is presently putting out minimalistic works in a very distinct style – not in sharp contrast to his previous works, but as sublime extensions. The works of Hardenberg are installed with a quality that will continue to fascinate – as original poignant symbols of life and death, timeless commentaries and masterful compositions – across the ages.